Following High School Brandon had several choices to make.  With so many passions dear to him (Photography, Web Design, Automotive, Music), it was important to follow one of his passions so he'd always be happy.  Countless options were presented to him during a difficult time in his life and he ultimately decided to accept a full scholarship studying Automotive and Diesel technology.  

Brandon continued to shoot as he studied, and picked up a job restoring classic cars.  Though the physical work was hard, it was rewarding to see cars turn from heaps into dream cars, to see creativity pay off, to mold metal and cut wood and to restore beauty in what others wouldn't believe was salvageable.   Soon the shop he worked for employed him to work on their website and shoot products prior to delivery.

Shortly before graduation, just as life was going alright, Brandon's health began to fail him.  The physical side of working on cars had begun to take a toll on him and after getting checked in the hospital, the tests came back with bad news.  Brandon finished his schooling and graduated top of his class, but then had to undergo major surgery.