I'm finally back home in New York after 30-something hours of driving throughout one of the coolest weekends of my life.

After all of my years on this planet, somethings have never changed. My heart has ALWAYS gravitated towards adventure, towards excitement, towards art and towards speed. That has culminated to today, being the proud owner of two V8 Chevrolet Camaros. My heart has always known what it wants, and Camaro has always been the car that spoke to me. It's the vehicle for adventure, for excitement, for 1G cornering and 0-60mph V8 roars that do something to your soul that can't be put in words.

I spent this weekend roadtripping to Detroit, Michigan during one of the most toughest and stressful months of my life, and my gosh the open road is a fickle thing. Sitting at the helm of a 2010 Camaro SS and driving up I80, it became evident that I'm not in control of much, but I am in control of my happiness.

That became evident the moment I stepped into the Renaissance Center and saw all of my friends from across the country and Canada. Folks just like myself, good people, enthusiasts, engineers, from New York, Ontario, Texas, Georgia, Chicago, California, North and South Dakota, Ohio and of course Michigan. The entire journey to Detroit was just as much about rebirth for a car I love as it was about heritage and the promise of a new generation. The event itself was an appreciation of all of the hard work to make future folks like myself feel that same love and appreciation for a piece of automotive art. It was a celebration of SIX Generations of Camaros and as my friend Al Openheiser (chief engineer for Team Camaro) later told us six years of hard work to build a lighter, faster, stronger and more efficient Camaro. (Yes as soon as they rolled out the 5th Generation Camaro in 2009 they started working on the sixth gen up to today...and the work has only begun.)

From getting to race around Belle Isle's road course, getting to see every monumental Camaro that was ever created, getting a hot lap in a Z28 with the head instructor for Ron Fellow's Spring Mountain Racing School, all the way to getting to see the beginning of what can only be expected will be a another legendary Sixth Generation Camaro... the highlight of the weekend was in fact the people. Seeing folks like Scott Settlemire, Mike Judge, Al Openhieser, Chris Frezza, Chris Debler, Jason Port, Tom Peters, Todd Christensen, and all of my friends from the various BBOMG events from across the US and Canada, the people and the community make the event. Their/our love for the community make the event so much more enjoyable. So thank you to Chevrolet for putting on an amazing, once in a lifetime event and thank you to all of my friends for making that event that much more fun and enjoyable.

Below are my photos from the trip.

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