Early in his career and after years of shooting, Brandon began working for large commercial studios, learning from the best photographers, production managers, stylists and editors in the business.  He learned to get the best images out of every camera that was available to him; ranging from high end Canons, Phase One, Hasselblad and Mamiyas.  

Doing consistent production work for major clients such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Bye Bye Baby, Harmon Drugs and Christmas Tree Stores motivated him to improve and hone his craft, picking up tricks from studio vets and learning ways to incorporate his attention to detail to his personal business.

Today, Brandon has found a niche shooting Commercial work for Small Businesses.  His services range from commercial photography, product photography, building whole websites, SEO, all the way to shooting and producing TV commercials.

My aim is always to establish brand identity, and provide high quality, eye-catching and interactive design through the use of clean modern aesthetics, utilizing a flowing design concept.

My goal with commercial photography is to show your prospective clients the story of your business displaying both your products, services, tools of the trade, and the people behind the craft.