For the first time in my life, I've been granted the supreme luxury of doing some serious traveling. As a young person who's rebuilt his life, it's always been the same situation as every other living soul on this's always either not enough time, or not enough money. Luckily 2015 has been a change of pace, and I've gotten to visit the people and places I've wanted to see for quite some time.

Recently, I've had the amusing job of answering the common question from everyone who asked where I was... "why the hell did you goto Kentucky?".

Well my apologies to the people of Kentucky, unfortunately most of the New Yorker's I spoke with aren't even aware of where Kentucky is located...but they sure know your Basketball team!

So yeah, Kentucky is the home of the Corvette, a piece of art near and dear to my heart. Produced in Bowling Green, Kentucky since 1981, the Corvette is America's elite sports car for a reason... It's fast, it's methodical, it's efficient, it's imposing and it is absolutely gorgeous. As an engineering enthusiast, it's facility is state of the art and the technology in the newest C7 is derived from the most winning sports cars in Team Corvette.

Most folks would goto Hawaii or Florida for a vacation but I am not most people. In two years when I'm back in a position to buy yet another GM product I'll have my eyes on a Z06 for sure.