What a ride!  So I'm back in New York and what a week we had in Oshawa.  I want to thank everyone that attended BBOMG7 this year, especially; Hylton Jorssen, Scott English and Mike Judge.  You guys made this weekend so unbelieveably memorable and I can't wait to hang with you guys again next year, on my turf for once!

The best news about the weekend for me was how receptive everyone was to the BBOMG6HC Photo Book.  The smiles on everyone's faces were absolutely priceless and worth not only the trip to Ontario, but also all the work I put into the project.

Best of all the Signature Edition Book that I brought with me to the Camaro SIX unveiling in Detroit, that eventually wound up in the hands of a few Camaro Celebrities in the Volt Lounge at the Ren Center including Scott Settlemire, Al Oppenheiser and Mike Judge, also got autographed by everyone at BBOMG7 before going on to the auction block.  That particular book went to a good home in Belinda Ellis, and the Big Brother's Big Sisters charity received a wonderful donation for it.   

When the raffle portion of BBOMG7's Banquet began I was so incredibly happy to see the posters that I printed up and donated went to two of my favorite Upstate C5 guys, Joe Higgins and Josh Amodio.  Of course the best thing a photographer can hope to hear is that they'll be hung up with pride, and they indeed will be,  both at Joe's house and Josh's Speed Shop "New Age Hotrods" (Cough...Cough... Plug).  

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful BBOMG and for making me so unbelievably proud to be a part of this wonderful Camaro Community.  I'm incredibly thankful to have been able to not only attend BBOMG7, but to be able to shake the hands of the people of Oshawa who craft these wonderful pieces of automotive art, and spend the event with my favorite folks in this community all in the name of helping kids who are in need.

Shout outs to: Hylton Jorssen, Scott English, Mike Judge, Chris Frezza, Jason Port, Belinda Ellis, Joe and Jess Higgins, Josh Amodio and Kari, Mike Calapai, Joey T, Peter Caliendo, TJ, Raul, Tino, Josephine, Tino Jr, Mel, Jaison, Gary N, Jimmy, Karen Thompson, Brian Decker, Lisa Peregoy, Monica Noble, Debbie and Jean, Spike and Karen, Rick, April, Vince and Heather, both Dans from PA, Lady G, Angelina, Derek, and Cage, Jason, Amy and Trent, Andrew, Jen Tough and of course the little future Z/28 owner Callum.