A year ago, I donated an automotive photo shoot to the NY5thGen Charity BBQ that benefits Dravett's syndrome, in the hopes of producing some outstanding images for a lucky winner,  and of course raising research money for a non-curable disease.  

So after Gill won, we talked over different ideas and locations, and ultimately he left the judgement up to me, so I lined up a few different locations over a few hours of shooting to yield the best results.  Once we setup at the first destination, Gill told me "I don't have any pictures of my car, people have been asking me for photos and I have none" ...and that was all the motivation I needed.  I had a burst of energy and a goal in mind, make Gill's jaw drop...  By the end of the night once the sun set, my mission was accomplished.  Gill was all smiles and I was pleased I did his car justice.